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How can I get cheaper car insurance?

Just settling for the first car insurance policy you find is likely to result in you paying more for less – and who wants that? Our tips will ensure you find the best policy for you at the best price.

Shop around

Shopping around is the key to saving money on car insurance. But that’s where we come in! We do the hard work for you via our online car insurance comparison tool and provide you with the cheapest quotes for the policy you need.

Build up your no claims bonus

Drivers who are claim free are usually rewarded by insurers, so building up your no claims bonus (NCB) will result in you getting a cheaper policy.

Read the small print

Make sure you read everything and know exactly what you’re getting for your money. Some policies come with add-ons, which naturally cost more, so you need to be sure you actually need what you’re paying for.

Get the right cover for you

If your vehicle is older and not worth very much, paying less for third party cover might be the best option, rather than getting comprehensive.

Third party cover isn’t always cheaper than comprehensive and it might not offer the cover you need – again, make sure you read everything to know exactly what you’re signing up for.

Safe parking

Think about where you’re parking your car. Can another car easily ding it? Can a door be opened on to it? Doing all you can to lower the chances of your car being damaged will ensure you don’t have to make a claim…which will save you money.

The bigger the car, the bigger the insurance cost

Every insurer treats each car differently, but the general rule is – the more expensive the car and the bigger the car engine – the more expensive the premium will be. So when buying your next car, consider the potential insurance cost.